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Leaping Into Transformation

- Socialization...Not Dinner at 8

- What are your needs?

- Instructional Design? Instructional Systems Design? Or is it Instructional Technology?

- KM? Surely, you must be joking!

- Travelling Ideas...

- ...But why do I have to do this? Send Bob!

- You're Engaged! Congratulations!

Leaping Into Transformation

LIT keeps things interesting by providing you with the training you need to keep yourself and your employees up to date with technology and other forms of training.

about lit

Founded by Michael and Dory Morris in 2012 to give you, the customer, the boot you need
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custom training

We assess and design your training needs, while filling in the gaps with our expertise in learning.
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learning blog

See more about what we do, who we are, and what we strive to become
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customer service

We make this part simple. We've got emails and phones and phones that link to the emails.
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